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Say hi to all event planner from around the world. Today we would like to give you some tips and tools that you should take it seriously in 2022. It’s important to keep on improving your business, therefore, adding some new and fresh strategies might help.

Registration & Ticketing system

One of the most important thing for your event management is the flow of the process. If your event has good and outstanding service for your customers, they will definitely impress with an overall performance. Especially an event that has to deal with ticket and registration before attending an event, finding the right system and service is a must!

ticketing system

Ticketing system’ is the system that will help your organize and manage all the tickets selling and buying. Customers can purchase your event tickets online and receive confirmation through emails in a form of access code or QR code (you choose).

Real time analytics & insights

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Good strategy comes from effective insights

Our system help you collect both digital and physical footprints from your attendees through the entire event and visualize them in a real time analytics. You’ll be able to get access to quality report and see a full attendee profile at anywhere and anytime. Start growing your audience using our CRM and organization dashboard today.

Virtual Event

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You can create new and exciting experiences for attendees when they attend your virtual event with special features. For example, Live chatVideo streaming or even Avatar graphics can make your virtual event becomes more real. On top of that, features like Q&ALive polling and questionnaire can also create more engagement between organizers and attendees. We guarantee that if you add these elements to your event, it will definitely receive positive feedbacks.

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If you’re one of the event planner that want to explore more tools and tips

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