Are virtual events the future? As you might already know about virtual event from our previous blog (link). It’s time to dig a little deeper. You probably wonder whether or not your event style can be hosted as a virtual event. Well, this blog will explain more about how virtual solutions can fit your event ranging from small to large scales.

Save cost and gain more traffics

The best part in hosting online events is that you don’t need a huge budget or any previous event experiences. In today’s world, Internet can do pretty much everything for us. This includes hosting an event!

Here are types of events and success stories from our clients to illustrate how easy it is to transform in-person events into virtual. Let’s check them out.


We give you an example of ‘Kazz Awards‘ (Thank you Kazz team for trusting in our services). An exclusive live streaming where audiences can virtually attend the event while just staying at home. The award designed into different zones for audiences to select and view however they want.

Seminar / Business talk

Seminars or events, where many speakers are invited to provide knowledge and inspiration to a group of attendees, can also easily be transformed into a virtual ones. Not only attendees can just participate at any time & anywhere, virtual event can help them avoid seeing and interacting with other people in real life during this pandemic – taking note and sitting on their comfortable desk will definitely feel much better than going out.

Here’s an example photo of a seminar held by Wazzadu

Concert / Music festival

Due to social distancing policy, some concert or music festival organizers have decided to cancel their live events which involves everyone from the artists to the venues, and most importantly to the fans. Sounds terrible huh? So, why not moving your live performances online and give your attendees an immersive event experience. What’s better than providing the fans with an opportunity to support their favorite artists? Let them connect and inspire each other through this hard time with “virtual event”.

Expo / Exhibition

Expo and exhibition is where thousand of people typically meet to share knowledge and inspiration. Our services can definitely help you shift your exhibition from physical to virtual one in order to prevent a public gathering. Giving an example of Startup Thailand x Innovation Thailand 2020 , with over 200 exhibitors and hundreds of activities to attend – for instance, online business matching, startups pitching and business consulting. Of course, we can put all of this into your event.

virtual event

You can see that creating virtual event doesn’t sound hard and complicate at all. If you prepare things well and have good systems that go along with, you will definitely create a memorable experience for your attendees.

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