Engage your visitor

Our event interaction features will keep your attendees engaged before, during, and after their events including live Q&A, lucky draw, business matching, questionnaire, point system, live polling and etc. Let's transform your data to the next level and go above and beyond with us.

Live Q&A
Live Q&A

Live Q&A will help organizer manage Q&A session during seminar and help speaker create engagement with attendees on the stage. Attendees can ask question to speaker and be able to vote other questions in real time by scanning the provided QR code. The moderator can hide unwanted questions and select top-voted questions to show on stage.

Lucky Draw
Randomly draw out a prize in a visual, high-tech, transparent way for your event

Digital lucky draw is a creative way to get the attendees engaged and become a part of the overall event experience. You can customize a group of people who have a chance to win the prize such as only pre-registered attendees.

Online Questionnaire
Get Real-Time Event Feedback From Your Attendees

Our online questionnaire are designed to be easy to use. Organizer can add question to a survey in a minute and see real-time updates and reports.

Live Polling
Make your event more interactive by polling your attendees in real time

Create an instant poll, gather live responses and show result in a stunning way. Once you've created multiple choice questions, attendees will be able to scan QR code to access and vote the poll in just a few taps.

Business Matching
Effectively manage face-to-face meeting with Online Business Matching

Our online business matching system allows user to search, connect and pre-arranged meetings with the qualified person. The system helps them establish relationship, and capture effective business opportunities through one-to-one and face-to-face meetings effectively.

Zipevent App
Add Info on Zipevent App to Facilitate Your Attendee

Zipevent is a mobile application that attendees can browse loads of interesting events, see in-depth details, and interact with them. Plus, event organizers can save cost using Zipevent App instead of spending time and budget developed and maintained you own software which might be used single time a year. With our customizable App, it can be modified in multiple ways according to your needs.

Advanced Event Info

The need for knowledge is immediate these days. Consumers get used to easily find their own answers, any time, and anywhere these days. Organizers must provide accurate and fresh content to meet, and exceed customer expectations. Providing important and relevant event content can create awareness and opportunity to your event. Plus, it can effectively reduce customer support.


Event agenda can help attendees significantly in terms of planning. Our event agenda will be ordered according to time-based.


Providing speaker details create seamless experience between during-event and after-event, Attendees will be able to pursue their activities after the event.


Your exhibitors can show promotions on the application in order to attract their clients.


Content marketing is a powerful marketing tactic in the digital era that you shouldn’t missed.

Indoor Map

Indoor map help attendees find what they’re looking for in your event easily. Attendees will have extra time to enjoy your event.

Exhibitor/Booth List

Booth list allow attendees to dig in information about booth that they’re interested in. It also help your exhibitor increase their awareness.


Event sponsorship is a great way to increase brand awareness. Sponsors’ logos can also be showed on our application.


Attach your photos in the gallery to tell your event story and increase reliability.