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Acquire Customer

Optimize content and promote your event to the right target. Convert them to your customer through our user-friendly registration and ticket selling system.

On-site Services

Flow and check-in your attendees seamlessly with our customizable full-service event kiosk, supported by our friendly staff.

Engage your visitor

Our event interaction features will keep your attendees engaged before, during, and after their events including live Q&A, lucky draw, live polling, and etc.

Host an Online Event

Successfully organize an online event with our scalable solutions, ranging from small seminar session towards big and complex event/exhibition.

Achieve More with Zipevent

More ticket sales / registrations to your event

Start promote, sell and open for registration within minutes. Collect valuable information and grow your event audience systematically

Increase efficiency, decrease your workload

Focus on what matters, and let our tool help you work efficiently. Save cost and time by customizing your branding on our platform. So, you don't have to spend all your effort on developing expensive website/apps that attendees will use just only one time.

Better experiences for attendees

Seamless and interactive experience that attendees cannot wait to be part of. Fulfill your in-event experience and give your attendees a wow memorable moment with our products and services.

Hear what our customers have to say

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ครัวคุณต๋อย : (Kiosk Registration)
Zipevent : Krungsri RISE 2X Demo Day (Customer Feedback)

We help you grow your event success and make your events worry-free

Intuitive & Scalable platform

Easy to set-up and minimize cost and time required

24/7 Online Support

Our online support team can help you and your customer 24/7

On-Site Tech Support

With our caring technical on-site support, you can absolutely count on us

Zipevent Product and Service Cycle

A platform you can trust, entirely from start to finish

Promote your events to the right target

With our growing user base, we help making sure your events are spread across your target group. By strategizing multi-channel uses like e-mail, Social media channels or review/content articles to maximize number of potential clients.

Event Registration and Ticket Selling that is smooth & Reliable

Easy to register, smooth and reliable on website and mobile phone; from seminars, conferences, exhibitions, to seated concerts, sport event or shows. Attendees can get e-tickets with QR-code delivered to their email/SMS which can be used to enter your event with speed.

Host an Online Event

Online virtual events enabling you to reach and engage more audience with measurable results. Our team will help you from planning, promoting, creating in-event engagement features, and preventing technical issues that could happen - to make sure your online event runs smoothly. We can tailor specifically to your goal and purpose economically and effectively. "Go Online" is a must for the new generation of events.

On-Site Service

Reduce long event lines by using our tablets, smartphones, or registration kiosk for check-ins and badge printing help you facilitate attendees to get into your event as fast as possible. Our happy staffs are always by your side to support you through the whole event.

In-event engagement platform that take your event to the next level

Upgrade your event with Live Q&A, Questionnaire, Interactive Map, Agenda, Business Matching, Lead Collection and many more upcoming features

Real-time analytics and insights that you can instantly monitor and take real action

Our system help you collect both digital and physical footprints from your attendees through the entire event and visualize them in a realtime analytics. You'll be able to get access to quality report and see a full attendee profile at anywhere and anytime. Start growing your audience using our CRM and organization dashboard today.

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