On-Site Services

Host a stunning events that have a smooth transition from online registration to the event. Flow and check-in your attendees seamlessly with our App or give attendees an automated experience with our customizable full-service event kiosk, supported by our friendly staff.

Upgrade Your Event with On-Site Registration Kiosk

Our well-designed kiosks can be used to check-in attendees at the event entrance in order to print badges. Plus, Walk-in registration with Thai national ID card can be quickly done with our kiosk.

Our Kiosk Features

- Automatically Check in Attendees with QR Code/RFID
- Walk-in Registration with ID Card
- Heat Transfer Ticket Printing
- Face Check-in
- Photo Capture
- Signature Capture
- Advertising Signage
- E-ticket selling (Accepts Credit card, Rabbit Line Pay, Rabbit Card, Thai QR Payment, VIA, WeChat Pay)

Device Rental
All-in-one Computer set, Tablet, Smartphone, Scanner, and Printer Rental

We recommend you to use our device like all-in-one computer set and scanner for a big event that needs several registration/Check-in stations. It can really help you flow large number of attendees in a short period of time whether it's a check-in process or walk-in registration.

Gate by Zipevent
Easily Check in Your Attendee with Gate by Zipevent

Gate by Zipevent is a mobile application that can check in attendees and see realtime reports. With easy-to-use user interface, organizer can simply use it by yourselve. The application is free to download on both Android and iOS.

Technical Staff
General and Technical Staff

Make your events smart & impactful by experienced event staff that help setting up devices, instruct your team and help you do line entry management and facilitate your attendees. Simply let us know if you need a dress code for your staff.

General Staff

- Be able to use the program and software very well
- Other expected services can be added
- Quantity and dresscode can be requested

General Staff

- Responsible for maintaining the program to work well under any circumstances
- Give advice about program usability
- Number of technical staff subjected to your event size

Badge and Wristband
Enhance Your Attendee Experience with Badge
and Wrist Ticket

Efficiently identify your authorised attendees with highly-visible badge tickets or wrist tickets for your event. We help you not only manage badge and wristband manufacturing process but also lanyards, and badge holders. All the design can be customised according to your design