Host an Online Event

Successfully organize an online event with our scalable solutions, ranging from small seminar session towards big and complex event/exhibition. Capture a larger audience group that can join your event from any corner of the world. Let's start creating virtual event experience effortlessly with us today.

Types of online events

- Online Classes / Workshops / Trainings / Activities / Meetups : Face-to-Face engagement with your attendees. Let them contribute and take part in your online event that can either be classes / workshops / trainings / Activities / Meetups.

Types of online events

- Online Webinars / Conferences: Broadcast content from your webinars / conferences and let your attendees engage via Livechats, Live Q&A, Live Polling, Questionnaires and Lucky Draw. Go live to various social medias to captivate more audiences and expand your customer database.

Types of online events

- Virtual Festivals / Entertainments / Concerts : Make an unforgettable experience that your attendee will never forget. Host virtual festivals / entertainments / concerts and bring your audience together while letting them interact, engage via livechats, lucky draw, live polling and audience camera.

Types of online events

- Virtual Exhibition / Tradeshow / Fair : Create a virtual space event that let attendees explore and get connected with each other, as well as with exhibitors and sponsors. Showcase the conferences online and increase the interaction & engagement with your attendees.

Live Streaming
Broadcast your event online

Create a memorable live streaming online experience. Because awesome events are meant to be spreaded as widest as possible! Stay focus on delivering the best content and engagement, while we help you take care of the technical parts.

Streaming to a customizable event page on Zipevent, as well as to social networks simultaneously, on multiple devices (PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

Limit access to the event using a unique access code, or only allow an access for attendees who have registered / purchases tickets

Engagement and Interactive features : From Live Comments/Chats, Q&A, Polling, Lucky Draw, as well as questionnaire to get the audience feedback.

VDO broadcast : Let your content live on & reach broader audiences after your event finishes

Event Registration and ticketing system that converts your online followers into your online customers.

Event content protection to prevent an unappropriate direct-access or unregistered attendees to your valuable content

Real-time online event report. See total viewers, comments and results from your event in a single dashboard.

Virtual Space Event
Engage your audience with an intuitive virtual space event

Because event is about creating a memorable experience, a virtual space can help you achieve that. With an immersive graphical environment display, attendees can intuitively browse and find valuable information, as well as engaging via chatrooms to network with exhibitors/sponsors and attend live webinars - anytime, any where. Our ultimate goal is to make your virtual event feels like an actual ones happening in this real world.

Production team
Professional production team ready at your service

- Professional Recording Camera
- Streaming maching
- Technical & Supervisor
- Internet
- Camera Crew