Successful Event ? How to do it in 2022?

Say hi to all event planner and organizer! Today we would like to give you guys some essential tips and guidelines on how to host a successful event in 2022. As we all know that our society never stop improving and technology is very important for many businesses.

Therefore, knowing all the tools and features that will help you improve your event is definitely a must! Zipevent has all these interesting and effective tools that you should know. Let’s check them out!

1) Online event & Virtual event

successful event
successful event

The benefits of hosting an online event varies in different aspects. You can adjust and design how the event will look like when it appears on the screen or you can add interactive systems to engage with the attendees. The most important part is that online event gives better audience data and insights.

No experience in hosting an event? Don’t worry! Our team will help you plan the process from the beginning. Starting from pre-event, in-event and post-event.

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2) Business Matching

successful event

Business matching is a feature that suits best with event that has multiple exhibitors to show. Attendees and exhibitors are able to conduct a meeting via live-chat or video call. Given an education fair as an example, schools and students can use business matching feature to conduct an appointment for further conversation about any specific details.

3) Ticketing System

ticketing system

‘Ticketing system’ is the system that will help you organize and manage all the tickets selling and buying. Customers can purchase your event tickets online and receive confirmation through emails in a form of access code or QR code (you choose).

You can customize your ticket details, for instance, date and time, amount of the tickets and also the prices. Therefore, customers can easily go through the process. Moreover, all the data will be collected in order for you to re-check them in the future.

There are many more features that you can add to your event in order to impress your visitors and customers. Check out this blog for more info! A successful event is waiting ahead!

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