Interested in bringing your virtual event to another step? Consider adding special features to make your event different from others. Here are 7 key features for Virtual Event that can make your event outstanding!

1. Agenda

Agenda consist of details and information about event schedule. No matter how many activities your event has. Agenda features can be listed in separate sections and can be customized in anyway you prefer. This feature can show details such as date, time and section where the activities will be taking place.

2. Exhibition

features for virtual event

If your virtual event has multiple booths or exhibitions to show, adding booth features will definitely help attendees see clearer picture. You can add specific elements such as booth details and contacts or even a live chat feature for attendees to contact the owner of the booth.

3. Questionnaire

features for virtual event

If you want to receive feedbacks or opinions from attendees. Questionnaire feature is the right solution for you. You can conduct questions however you like in order to receive attendee’s opinions and suggestions.

4. Speaker

If your event has a live session such as talk-show or interview session with speakers and you also want to broadcast them live, you can absolutely do that! It’s totally up to you whether you want a live-streaming video or video from sources like YouTube to show in your virtual event.

5. Q&A

features for virtual event

In the Live-Talk session during an event, you can add feature like Live Q&A to allow attendees asking questions for speakers. The questions will automatically pop up on the screen and the speakers can answer those questions real-time.

6. Polling

Another way you can gain attendee’s comment and opinion is to add ‘Polling’ feature. This feature will allow attendees to choose the answers they prefer. They don’t have to write down anything just select the choice that they like. Moreover, you can save a lot of time by conducting the poll instead of asking long questions.

7. Business Matching

Business matching is a feature that suits best with event that has multiple exhibitors to show. Attendees and exhibitors are able to conduct a meeting via live-chat or video call. Given an education fair as an example, schools and students can use business matching feature to conduct an appointment for further conversation about any specific details.

These are some outstanding features that we would like to recommend all event organizers. You can customize each features however you desire by letting us know. Interesting in hosting virtual event? Contact us via E-mail:

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