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Hello to all event peeps! Coming toward the last quarter of the year. This year, we believe that it might be hard for many of you guys to deal with an event hosting due to the Covid-19 situation.

We are heading to 2022 in a couple months, therefore it’s important for all of us to start focusing on proper ways to do some new marketing strategies. Today we would like to introduce some outstanding features that you should continue invest on and apply to your future event.

Event Planner

For someone who doesn’t know about these features yet, we will be the one who gives all the details that you should know. So that they might benefit you in the future.

Virtual Event

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What is virtual event ?

When face to face communication is limited, conducting an online space where people are still able to interact and experience events is a must-have solution for event industry. We can design and develop virtual events to make attendees feel that they are actually in that place while they’re just actually sitting in their living room. 

Type of events that are perfectly matched with virtual event

In fact, any type of events can transform into virtualization depending on how you design them. Here are some example of events that we think they have potential for virtual event platform.

– Career/Job matching
– Expo/Trade show
– Any kinds of event that create experience for attendees 

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Live Streaming

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Next feature we would like to talk about is Live Streaming. When hosting an offline event are limited due to the global pandemic. Some events are now transformed to online platform. Therefore, it’s important for you to reach more audiences by broadcasting live. Visitors can attend your event while staying home. It’s actually convenient for them to do this. With just few clicks on their computer and boom! They’re already in your event.

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Registration System

If you decide to host online or virtual event, one thing that you can add is registration system. This system will help you collect all the data that you should know. For example, details of the attendees such as occupation or age. This information might help you analyze your marketing strategy in the future. Moreover, it’s very convenient for both organizer and visitor to use.

Interested in Registration System? Contact our team via
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These are some examples of features and checklists that we suggest all event planner to focus on in 2022.




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