How ticketing platform will give benefit to event planner ?

One of the most important thing when hosting an event is the work-flow. If your start-to-end process works perfectly, your attendees will definitely impress and give some positive feedbacks. Therefore, Zipevent wants to introduce a platform that will benefit your performance in terms of selling event tickets.

3 main reasons that this system and platform will give you are 1) Fast Process 2) Collect all data 3) Customization

Let’s go and take a look in the details!

1. Faster process

When the ticket selling process occur in an online platform, customers can purchase and book the tickets anywhere and anytime they want. They don’t have to drive themselves to the city mall to do that. Therefore, this will save a lot of time. All the tickets they purchased will be sent to their E-mail or SMS depends on how you customize it.

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2. Collect data

When the purchasing process is happening online, therefore, it’s easy to collect and track down all the data about the ticket information. For example, amount of the tickets purchased, details of the customers, date and time of the ticket purchased, etc.

Moreover, this data can also be used in the future event when it comes to marketing strategy as well.

3. Customization

Using Zipevent’s ticketing platform, you can customize the details of the tickets however you want. If you have multiple times to sell tickets, YES you can customize that. Or if you have different price range for each kind of tickets, YES you can create that as well.

This will help it become easier for customers when making a purchase decision. If you have a good system, they will definitely impress with your service.




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