How to plan Virtual Event ?

Some of you might think that hosting a virtual event seems hard and out of your capabilities, but let me confirm that it is not hard at all if you go through the right direction and process. For many companies that somehow struggle in planning a successful virtual event, we suggest you following these simple steps. If you nail all of the processes, we guarantee that the result will definitely satisfy you and your team.

1. Define format and type of events

plan virtual event

There are tons of event occur pretty much everyday. First of all you need to know your event’s objective and purpose, so that you can define the format and the type of an event correctly. Is it a seminar, expo or concert? This is a very important step because your attendees need to explore the right event format and style, otherwise they might leave and disconnect your event anytime.

2. Plan out details and activities

plan virtual event

After you define your objective, the next step is to plan out information inside. What are the key activities? How many sections do you have? Do you need tickets to get access? These are elements that you need to consider in order to transform them into virtual event.

3. Choose an all-in-one platform

So, you’ve already passed through appetizers. Now, it’s time for the main course! You need to find the right digital platform to make your virtual event comes true. All the appearances such as presentation, graphic, coding, etc. need to look perfect for your attendees.

Zipevent also provides the virtual event service. You can explore what we offer here at or if you can’t find what you look for, you can contact and let us know about your event details via E-mail:

4. It’s time to promote !

Last but not least, after you are done with the system, it’s time to promote and reach out to your audiences. There are tons of way that you can spread out the news. The easiest way could be ‘Social Media’ as we all know that these tools are pretty much effective and easy to use. You can promote your event on Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.

Interested to move beyond your own channel? Zipevent also provide the PR service for any event organizer that wants to promote their events. This includes our website, our social media channel, EDM (E-mail), etc.

These are 4 easy steps that you can follow in order to nail your Virtual Event ! Find out more about Virtual Event here at




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