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love in summer – george, Cosmic Boy

Sometimes I cant do nothin’
But think about the times I had with you
We used to drink into love
Below the sun and the moon up above

Love Lee – AKMU

So lovely day, so lovely,
errday with you so lovely

Pink cheeks – eldon

I’m wondering now
Where is your wings?
Tremble lips and blurry eyes
And your pink cheeks

Blue Lemonade – citygodok

you are the one who brightens my life in the sunshine
I don’t want to make you blue my dear
you are my blue lemonade girl

Walk With You – NCT DREAM

오후 두 시 가장 따뜻한 시간
약속했잖아 널 데리러 가
Two in the afternoon is the warmest time
I promised I would pick you up

Koh – 92914

You are the sunrise, I’ll be your sunset
You be my moonlight, I’ll be your sky

Myo (Cat) – Colde

묘 oh, oh, oh, oh
우리 사이 묘 oh, oh, oh, oh
알고 싶어 더 oh, oh, oh, oh
Gimme love, I can’t let you go girl

Friday – IU (feat. Jang Yi-jeong)

돌아오는 이번 주 금요일에 만나요
그 날 내 맘을 더 가져가줘요

Let’s meet this coming Friday
Take all of my heart on that day

peach eyes – wave to earth

As soon as I watch your eyes
I couldn’t find fear on my damn mind

bae – Gwak Tae Poong

I’ll stay be by your side
so baby don’t cry
I’m always in your heart,
and you also in my heart

열어도 되어요 – HAAN, SHIRT

I have been waiting for you
불러줘 언제든 갈게 네 곁에 with smile
너만을 위한 딜리버리 서비스
I have been waiting for you
Call me, I’ll be there anytime, by your side with smile
Delivery service just for you

응원해 (fighting!) – Eldon

I’m rooting for you every day
You’ll be going to the orbit just not like me

왔다 갔다 – hiko (feat. Hoody)

같은 맘일까 하루 종일 궁금해
왔다 갔다 네 맘속은 미로 속에
너도 망설이고 있는 건지
I wonder all day long if we feel the same way
Back and forth, your heart is in a maze
Are you hesitating too?

Useless – HAAN (Feat. THAMA, MEENOI)

모 인생은 도박이야, 급 니가 생각나
왠지 그런 느낌이, 하지만 넌
전화 올 일 없다
절대 올 일 없다
싹 다 부질 없다


어디든 I can drive you anywhere
아주 잠깐이라도 그래도 괜찮다면
No matter what, 상관없어
오로지 너라면 다 좋은 걸
Anywhere, I can drive you anywhere
Even if it’s just for a moment, it’s okay
No matter what, I don’t care
If it’s only you, then everything’s okay

เป็นยังไงบ้างคะ มีใครถูกใจ เพลงเกาหลี ที่เรามาแปะให้วันนี้กันบ้าง
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