Umber Spectrum Zipevent

Umber Spectrum

13 Mar - 10 Apr 2022
11:00 - 18:00 (UTC+7)
Joyman Gallery

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Umber Spectrum 

Solo Exhibition by Pongsatat Uaiklang


“...Even though I tried to explain to the general public about the abstract symbolisms in daily life, I gradually ended up capturing the aesthetically pleasing abstractness of the encompassing environment.”

    Pongsatat Uaiklang

Up in the range of mountains in the Esan region of Thailand are covered in native soil called “Dong Phayafai soil” revealing its distinctive rust-colored umber color. In this exhibition, artist Pongsatat Uaiklang makes use of this Esan native soil and transforms it into natural pigment as a medium in creating this artwork. The soil holds an intimate connection to his childhood years, taking him back to the time with his farmer parents while growing up in the rural area of Dong Phayafai. 

Reminiscing rolling around in the mud, breathing in petrichor, embracing the warm sun rays, these were the golden days of a young farm boy’s life. Every little moment is deep-rooted in his memory no matter how many seasons it may have passed. With this being said, an artist is always one with the land. Returning home to the Northeast is a fulfillment of the artist’s physical and mental strength. Trails on the copper-toned soil that the Dong Phaya Fai have sparked in the artist’s heart. The glaring sun rays that shone over Dong Phaya Fai soil emphasize the glistening earth-toned hues of the soil.


With the root of the memory, deeply ingrained in the artist’s identity, the works of the Umber Spectrum is thus a replica of the homeland nature. Features like raining water spots, rough scratches from farmer’s tools, multitude of animal footprints, glints and gleams reflecting on the soil against the radiant sun rays and the wind swifting and swaying against the grain of the soil with the familiar scent of the soil. All this made the artist reflect on the great power of  nature to bring beauty to the eye and create an aesthetic that is heartening. It is possible to say that this hometown is one big abstract art work from nature that takes the artist on a trip down memory lane. As the artist Pongsatat mentioned about the origin of the Umber Spectrum series ;


While I was traveling back home from the city,  I spent my time taking a break, thinking, and reflecting upon the creative perspectives of this collection of artwork without limitations. Defining a work that does not harbor doubt, but employs the conditions of the environment’s surface, color, and atmosphere in each interval of the season that affects the emotions regarding changes. In these three seasons, the colors and characteristics of each month are always changing constantly. My techniques and methods revolve around the uses of red clay soil in various forms, from powdered clay dust to wet clay flowing freely on the canvases. The specks of clay dust pile onto each other, creating abstract layers of color that conjure an emotion that I can feel. It allows me to perceive that nature is composed of an array of abstract images that are true to itself, which has opened up new horizons in my imagination.

Pongsatat created a new mixture of powder pigment from soil to add dimension to the canvas’ surface. Using objects to tap, drag, and touch the canvas to create traces of soil pigment. Water is then allowed to flow freely through the canvas. Color, soil, glue, water, all these mediums work with the artist’s life experiences. But, even then, the artist did not generate work like a mastermind. During the creative process, the artist serves as an observer, calmly studying the environment that shapes their artworks from the beginning to the finishing stage.

The Umber Spectrum exhibition will be showcasing abstract art, an art style that does not specify the meaning of the things that our eyes see. The main focus is to create a feeling of space without boundaries. The bright light makes the eyes see shades. The trace texture adds a dimension of light and shadow. The artist’s decisive composition conveys all the appropriate details to the senses and travels to the central goal of the mind of the person standing before the work of art.


Joyman Gallery cordially invites you to join the opening reception of Umber Spectrum, a solo exhibition by Pongsatat Uaiklang on March 13, 2022 from 6:00 PM onwards at Joyman Gallery. This exhibition is curated by Suphita Chareonwattanamongkhol and will take place on the second floor of Joyman Gallery from 13 March  to 10 April, 2022. The gallery’s opening hours are 11:00 AM to 18:00 PM, Tuesday through Sunday. The gallery is closed every Monday.

In addition, the exhibition is free for individuals of all walks of life to enjoy and explore!

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Joyman Gallery


357 359 Maha Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon Bangkok, 10200 Thailand