“It’s me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama'' Zipevent

“It’s me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama''

25 Nov 2022 - 25 Jan 2023
10:00 - 19:00 (UTC+7)
River City Bangkok

Event Information

Bring 2022 to a heartwarming close at River City Bangkok with Warbie Yama, a mischievous yellow bird, in ‘It’s me, Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama’, Thailand’s first official Warbie Yama exhibition,

The Inside World of Warbie Yama’, Thailand’s first official Warbie Yama exhibition.This amusing, heartwarming, and inspiring exhibition is open for general admission 25th November 2022 – 25th January 2023 at RCB Galleria 2, 2nd floor.

From the award-winning short animation and the universally beloved LINE stickers of a mischievous yellow bird, we bring you an exciting exhibition that will fill you with joy this festive season. Based on the award-winning animation, Cheez…z,  Warbie Yama's stickers have been making waves on LINE, a popular communication app, for a while now, few users know that the charming characters were created by Arut Tantasirin, a Thai animator with an Emmy award nomination to his name. Many fans may find themselves wondering: Who is Warbie? Where does he come from? What exactly are those cheeky antics that won over the hearts of his global fanbase?

“It’s Me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama'' is Warbie Yama’s debut exhibition, a collaboration between Arut Tantasirinthe creator of Warbie Yama, and River City Bangkok, who are behind the success of an array of exhibitions, most notably, From Monet to Kandinsky, Van Gogh: Life and Arts and The Impressionists. Over two years of research and organizing, we are excited to provide audiences with an exhibition divided into 9 zones, each revealing a different aspect – Arut Tantasirin’s less-known personal artistic journey, for instance – of the Warbie Yama universe. With colorful designs and heartwarming stories, this exhibition will transport you into a world of whimsy and wonder, where you will rediscover your own inner child.

Reflecting on the personal significance of this exhibition, Arut Tantasirin, the creator of Warbie Yama, says, “Since creating the characters of Warbie Yama in 2007 and exhibiting them across the world, it’s time for a full-fledged exhibition of the Warbie Yama universe in Bangkok. In this time of year, when families and friends gather to make heartwarming and cherished memories during the season of happiness, I believe the arts have a role to play in bringing people together. It’s me, Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama has something for everyone; it’s a space where children and adults can relax and be transported into the precious and enchanting world of childhood.” 

Zone 1: An Introduction to Warbie Yama
In the first zone you will be greeted with Warbie Yama’s LINE stickers, and given an introduction to all of the characters in the Warbie Yama comic world: Warbie, Yama, Phebie, Mali, Bambu, and Chuchu. Accompanied by their backstories and idiosyncrasies, the animal and human characters on display have their differences, but are able to happily coexist.

Zone 2: A Man with a Passion
In zone 2, we step into a time machine and are transported back to Arut Tantasirin’s years as a student, pursuing a Master's degree in the United States. This was when he got the idea for Cheez...z, in the crossing of a childhood memory of a yellow little bird with his wanderings through Japantown in San Francisco. This zone showcases the little studio he had back then, as well as the original materials, such as a notebook, storyboards and sketchbooks, that would evolve into the beloved animation. He had no idea, at the time, that Cheez...z would go on to win many awards, and that Warbie and Yama would touch the hearts of millions around the world.

Zone 3: Cheez...z
Entering Zone 3 feels like dropping through the screen and into the park in Cheez...z, where a friendship grows between two unlikely pals, Warbie and Yama.

Zone 4: Warbie Yama’s Comics
Since the completion of Cheez...z, Arut has continued to expand Warbie Yama’s universe with more stories, written with the hope of delivering meaningful messages and positivity to people around the world. Warbie Yama's comics, which have been widely read on social media, are featured in this zone. Arut has said that his comics contain minimal dialogue as a way of sidestepping language barriers, allowing his comics to touch the hearts of people all across the world. For the exhibition, the sized-up comics are mounted on a big wall so that visitors have an easier time spotting Warbie and his friends' cute expressions.

Zone 5: Warbie Yama’s village 
This zone brings Warbie Yama’s world to life in immersive fashion. You'll find yourself in Mali's garden, a staple setting in Warbie Yama comics, surrounded by cute Warbie Yama characters.

Zone 6: Inside World
In this zone, you will be given a sneak peek into Warbie Yama’s latest story, Inside World, before its official release. Here, we witness Warbie and Yama’s first encounter, which precedes the beginning of their friendship. Though many assume that the scene in Cheez...z depicts their first meeting, they have actually crossed paths before in an even more fantastical, surprising and touching turn of events. Designed as a journey taken through Yama’s eyes, we too are amazed in Warbie’s forest, wondering who he is and where he comes from. Yama’s curiosity leads him on a journey of wonder and adventure with Warbie. In this zone, you will be able to visit Warbie's treetop house and observe his daily rituals, before embarking on an adventure with interactive light and sound design.

Zone 7: Arut’s Originals
Though the Warbie Yama universe is centered on animation and digital arts, Arut has always had an interest in fine art; painting and drawing have been his hobbies since he was a child. In this zone, Arut's original Warbie Yama artworks, all in his signature style, are displayed. These drawings, watercolor, hand-made sculptures and acrylic paintings  bring a twist to the exhibition that our visitors will definitely appreciate.

Zone 8: Fanart and Collaborations 
Warbie Yama isn’t just a cute story; it imparts many life lessons to its audiences, especially kids. After a decade of building Warbie Yama, Arut has amassed an impressive collection of positive responses from fans all over the world. For some couples, Warbie Yama stickers, flitting in and out of their texts from their first date until marriage, have been a feature of their romance. Some fans who have trouble sleeping at night cuddle a Warbie doll, which soothes them and helps them sleep well. Children learn from Warbie's character not to judge someone by their appearance. In this section, you'll find many more heartfelt narratives in fanart from all around the world. Also showcased are artworks by ten international multi-disciplinary artists from Korea, Japan, America, Taiwan, as well as Thailand’s own Balloon Boy (Pod Moderndog) and Jung Yansu, who have all created works of painting, design and music inspired by the Warbie Yama characters they adore. 

Flowing through these 8 zones, a blissful soundtrack, an original collaboration between ModMan (Mod-Bhudinant Deeswasmongkol) and Arut, will give you an even cozier experience of our whimsical exhibition.

Zone 9: Screening Room
In a 100-seat theater set up on the RCB forum's 2nd floor, Warbie Yama’s animations will be shown on the big screen for the first time. In addition to the original Warbie Yama animation, Cheez…z, we will also be premiering new short animations, specially created by Arut and the artists at Warbie Yama. A milestone for River City Bangkok, this will be the first time that we have screenings over the entire duration of an exhibition to create a truly sumptuous experience for our guests.

About the Artist
Arut Tantasirin is an award-winning animation director and artist based in Los Angeles and Bangkok. His works include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, Santiago of the Seas, Wallykazam, Monsters vs Aliens, Robot & Monster and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Arut was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on "Wallykazam", a children’s TV series on Nickelodeon. 

For the first time in Thailand, stories of a beloved, playful yellow bird will be showcased in Warbie Yama’s first official exhibition, It’s me, Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama, which will also provide visitors with a look into Thai animator and artist Arut’s path to creating these successful and globally-adored characters. Best known as the creator of “Warbie” (a cheeky, yellow bird) and “Yama” (a kind man), the two protagonists in his multi award-winning animated short film “Cheez…z” (2008), which made appearances in many film festivals and art museums around the world, and the following widely-used LINE sticker collection based on these two characters, Arut continues to elaborate on the Warbie Yama universe with the intention of delivering positive and heartwarming messages to people around the world. 

Immerse yourselves in an intimate journey through the world of Warbie Yama in one of our biggest events this year. 

Open for general admission 25th November 2022 – 25 January 2023 at RCB Galleria 2, 2nd floor of River City 

Note: Children under the age of 7 have free admission, but must be accompanied by at least 1 adult who has bought a general admission ticket. 

Instagram: warbieyama
Facebook: WarbieYama
For more information and exhibition updates: www.rivercitybangkok.com
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River City Bangkok


23 Soi Charoen Krung 24, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 Bangkok, 10100 Thailand


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