The 7th International Gem & Jewelry Conference (GIT 2021)  Zipevent

The 7th International Gem & Jewelry Conference (GIT 2021)

2 - 3 Feb 2022
08:30 - 17:30 (UTC+7)
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The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand has hosted the Gem and Jewelry Conferences ever since 2006, each time we have met with the warmest reception and overwhelming success. The past conferences have not only proved to serve as an academic platform but also as the networking forum amongst the peers, academia, and industrial experts, to name but a few.  From the series of GIT Conferences, we are sure that all of you have acquainted with each other before, though, some are about to meet each other for the first time. Therefore, this is a chance to see old friends and to make a new, as well as, for all of us to continue to build a firm network for future cooperation.

This year, the 7th International Gem and Jewelry Conference (GIT 2021) will welcome you to Chanthaburi: The City of Gems, with the theme “Towards the Sustainable Gem Industry Beyond 2022”. This theme was chosen with the chief purposes of enhancing regional and international understanding and cooperation among gemologists and major traders, as well as exploring new avenues for a better future in the areas of gemological field.  In addition, to promote academic knowledge sharing and to expand trading opportunities of colored stones, which are Thailand’s renowned products, GIT holds the Corundum Symposium as a forum for in-depth academic knowledge and trading information on gemstones of the corundum family, which includes ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, and sapphires of various colors. The institute also conducts the GIT’s Enchanting Ruby and Sapphire Awards, a polished colored stone contest, as a concurrent activity. Winners’ colored stones will be showcased at the international conference.

The conference takes place at Maneechan Resort in Chanthaburi during February 2nd– 3rd, 2022, participants can also attend this event through onsite and online platforms.,  

We thank to the experts, academics, and trade professionals of the industry to attend and support GIT 2021 richness in the term of intensive conference program and memorable knowledge exchange experiences.

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