Mr. Varun Mittal Zipevent

Mr. Varun Mittal


Varun is a Fintech influencer, an intrapreneur at heart and computer science engineer by training, Varun is the covering emerging technology and business models in financial services across ASEAN. Previously, Varun was the first marketing and sales employee at helloPay (acquired by ANT Financial, Alibaba Group), led payments for Samsung in ASEAN and developed regional mobile payment solutions at Singtel Group. Varun is also a part of the founding team of Singapore Fintech Association and ASEAN Fintech Network, working closely with startups, educational institutions, investors and regulators across ASEAN. He graduated with an MBA, National University of Singapore, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. He was awarded as an EY Accelerating Entrepreneur of the year 2016.

Innovating with RegTech: Turning Regulatory Compliance into a Competitive Advantage

18 May 2018 | 14:00 - 14:30 | ~ Smart Stage, Plenary Hall