Dr. Kentaro Hayashi  Zipevent

Dr. Kentaro Hayashi


Kentaro started barefoot Doctor Activity (Disaster Management / Social Business Activity) in 2010. He then continuously launched Japan Primary Care Association in 2011 and in the consecutive years, he began launching Myanmar Medical Association , Start Anise Peace project to produce Oseltamivir for ASEAN Countries and Japanese Language School in Myanmar for Professional Nursing Care Language Training. Earlier in his career, he joined the Medicine Sans Frontiers (INGO) activity in Myanmar , Japan , Nigeria , Sri Lanka, Iraq , and became a Board Member of the Japanese Branch. He graduated from the department of medicine, University of Ryukyus , specializing in Anesthesiology, ICU, Emergency Medicine. He also studied International Health & Development & Policy at the Royal Tropical Institute, The Netherlands, Copenhagen University, Denmark and Heidelberg University , Germany.

Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum on “Fundoscopic Artificial Intelligence Engine, MiTAI -Throes of Creation of New Era-”

19 May 2018 | 10:41 - 11:10 | ~ Centre Stage, Plenary Hall