Ng Kar Sin Zipevent

Ng Kar Sin


Ng Kar Sin is currently the International Partnership & Outreach manager of the ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship (ACE) in Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MAGIC). Her impressive career ranges from being a technical digital marketer, an e-Commerce & UI/UX expert, a head of e-Commerce for one of the largest electrical & electronics retailers, to being a co-founder of a web agency , an online grocery store as well as an international themed marketplace that grows to house 17,000 web designers. Her working experiences always embrace digital marketing and e-Commerce. She is inspired to offer advice and motivate start-ups. She is passionate in nurturing and developing prospective start-ups of ASEAN. Ng Kar Sin was an award-winning start-up, a co-founder and a recipient of government grant.

Disruption of job: Are we prepared for future jobs?

19 May 2018 | 15:50 - 16:05 | ~ Firesides Stage, Hall A