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Dr. Cyrille Schwob


Dr. Cyrille Schwob is currently Head of Technology in APAC, working at Airbus Singapore. He is responsible for developing and synchronizing R&T and innovations activities for Airbus in the Asia Pacific region. Cyrille started his career in Airbus more than ten years ago, as a research engineer in the field of composite modeling where he was in charge of developing novel methods of numerical simulations for composites structures. In 2007 he moved to China where he worked successively for Tsinghua University on reliability of structural components and for Airbus Beijing Engineering Centre (China) on damage tolerance methods. In 2009 he rejoined Airbus Group in Toulouse where he took the lead in the projects on composite structures analysis and testing. In 2010 he moved to Malaysia where he was in charge of leading Airbus Group R&T activities. He then later was appointed as AMIC Chief Technical Officer. Since July 2015, Cyrille moved to Singapore where he now develops Airbus R&T activities in the Asia Pacific region. . Cyrille is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Cachan. He obtained his PhD degree from Toulouse University in 2007 in the field of structural computations and recently obtained an MBA from the Alliance Manchester Business School. He has a long standing passion for Asia which led him to learn mandarin over the last few years.

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