Peter Richards has 17 years of professional experience in Thailand and the ASEAN region, working at the crossroads of responsible tourism and community development. Peter has worked in the private and NGO sectors, with government, tourism associations, tour operators and guides, local communities, hotels and restaurants. Peter’s core skills include project management, developing and marketing inspiring, local experiences, facilitating partnerships between local communities and responsible businesses, participatory training, sustainability auditing and sustainable tourism standards development. Peter began his career in tourism in 2000, as Responsible Travel Coordinator for Intrepid Travel. He went on to co-found the Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I). Since 2010, Peter has undertaken diverse consultancies for responsible tour operators, NGOs and international organizations including UN, EU, Futouris Foundation, The Travel Foundation and WWF. In 2015, Peter earned an MSc with Distinction in Responsible Tourism Management, and won the UK Association for Tourism in Higher Education’s Prize for Best Post Graduate Student of Tourism. Peter regularly lectures on tourism and community development and facilitates study tours and field research for students and professionals. Peter also works with his wife, Premruethai to operate the award winning Family Tree store in Hua Hin, Thailand, which supports over 40 Thai community groups, local artists, social and environmental initiatives. Peter is currently working as a Consultant on cultural tourism tour development and market access for the International Trade Center (ITC)’s NTFIII Myanmar Inclusive Tourism Project.


28 June 2018 | 12:00 - 17:00 | ETHIC VILLAGES IN NAKHON PHANOM

The Mekong Tourism Village Experience is living the theme of “Transforming Travel – Transforming Lives” by being the first conference to stage actual conference session in ethnic community-based villages, and engaging both delegates and villagers together for a uniquely immersive and transformative experience. The pioneering concept allows for people from different walks of life to connect and learn from each other. Eight thematic sessions in eight ethnic villages, including a warm village welcome, a traditional lunch, engaging sessions, and interactive village activities from weaving to farming, will make this a true highlight of MTF 2018. The thematic sessions and the respective facilitators include: 1. Organic Tourism (Mr. Arrut Navaraj – CEO, Sampran Riverside Resort) 2. Adventure Tourism (Mr. Matt Gibson – CEO, UpThink) 3. Festivals Tourism (Dr. Jutamas Wisansing – CEO, Perfect Link) 4. Heritage Tourism (Mr. Luc Citrinot – Editor, ASEAN.travel) 5. Religious Tourism (Ms. Siew Meng Erina Loo – SG, SEA Tour Guide Association) 6. Wellness Tourism (Mr. Nick Day – Marketing Manager, GoCo Hospitality) 7. Food Tourism (Mr. Vincent Vichit-Vadakan – Journalist, Le Flux Asia) 8. Eco Tourism (Mr. Peter Richards – Consultant, UN ITC) Interested delegates will require to register for the session, which includes a limited edition traditional village shirt from the respective village, that is required to be worn for the sessions. Each village is unique, and no experience will be the same. For more information about the MTF 2018 Village Experience sessions, please visit: http://mekongtourismforum.org/index.php/sessions/