Acquire Customer

Optimize content and promote your event to the right target and convert them to your customer through our user-friendly registration and ticket selling system. Making a great first impression and creating seamless experiences are a key to attract customers in this era. And that's what we do.

Event Promotion
Promote your event effectively

With our growing users base, we help making sure your events are spread across your target group. By strategizing multi-channel uses like e-mail, Social media channels or review/content articles to maximize number of potential clients.

Our PR Services are included :
Why promote your event through Zipevent?


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We’ve already helped thousands of events across a huge range of sectors worldwide.
Online Registration
Smooth and Reliable Registration System

Our quick and easy registration setup allow you to create event, customize registration form and open registration within minutes. Plus, you also can customize event page and create dedicated URL for the event. After the registration completed, Attendees will receive e-tickets with QR-code delivered to their email or SMS which can be used to enter the event with speed.

We'd love to support you with our On-Site Service

Registration Kiosk

Device Rental

Gate by Zipevent

Technical Staff

Badge and Wristband

Online Ticket Selling
Sell Event Ticket and Manage Sales Online

Bring your tickets online to extend your reach with affordable prices. Suitable for all types of events, with multiple dates/times, as well as with seatings. We charge a service fee that organizer can choose to absorb the fee by themselves or pass on to attendees by adding the fee to the ticket price.

Payments via Credit Card.


(excl. VAT)
Payments via Other Provided Channels

3.5% + 15 Baht

(excl. VAT)
Our Payment Channels
Online Ticket Selling
Registration/Ticket selling widget on your website

Have your own event website? Easily add our Registration/Ticket selling widget on your website for a better user experience. No more drop-offs from leaving your event website.

CRM Tool
Manage Your Customer Relationship

Let’s spice up lead generation with quality data. Zipevent Back Office allows you to collect and manage your customer data. We provide easy-to-use CRM Tool for you to filter and target customer group you want to interact with.

Booth/Space Reservation
Easily sell booth or event space through our platform

Selling booth or space online through Zipevent help you better utilize your space, create more revenues, use less wasted efforts, and save costs. So, you can spend time and effort focusing on important things like creating your amazing event.

Analytics and Insights
Real-time analytics and insights that you can instantly monitor and take real action

Our system help you collect both digital and physical footprints from your attendees through the entire event and visualize them in a realtime analytics. You'll be able to get access to quality report and see a full attendee profile at anywhere and anytime. Start growing your audience using our CRM and organization dashboard today.