XYX  Zipevent


18 Feb - 9 Apr 2022
10:00 - 17:00 (UTC+7)
Xspace gallery

Event Information


Group exhibition by 3-artists

Aimi Kaiya, Kristof Ghekiere, and Somneuk Huangtanapan


18 FEB - 9 APR, 2022 (MON – SAT, 10 AM - 5 PM)

Opening Reception: 19 FEB 2022 (3 PM - 5 PM)

Press Registration: 1 PM onwards

Guest Registration: 3 PM

At mini Xspace Art Gallery, Floor 1

(Free Admission)


Artistic Interaction between XY and XX


X and Y are the second last two letters in English. The representation of mathematical variable data. The symbol of the two reference axes, horizontal (X-axis) and vertical (Y-axis), is in the orthogonal coordinate system. X and Y are also used to symbolize sex chromosomes that govern the sexual characteristics or determine the sex of an organism. The male chromosomes are represented by XY, while the female is XX.

We use 2-pairs of alphabets to represent our male and female abstract artists featured in our new exhibition. The works of each artist have distinguished personalities and identities. Not only in masculinity and femininity, but also the styles, ways of thinking, inspiration, and patterns of expression through distinctly different creative processes. Meanwhile, this difference creates interesting conversations with each other. Hence, it became the name of the exhibition which is the artistic interaction between men and women, “XYX”.


  • A promising young female artist, Aimi Kaiya is a Bangkok-based abstract artist. Artwork emphasizes the expression of emotion through the colors and traces of the movement of the brush strokes in the Abstract Expressionist style. The series Motherland is just like her ode to life from the colorful dreams, adventures, and exploration of innocent souls in her sleep, a dream world full of happiness, brightness, warmth, and kindness. It was a peaceful corner to comfort her on a difficult day. It is a mental mechanism to help maintain balance in uncertain daily life. Encourages her to realize the true meaning and purpose of living. It helps her understand the possibilities of this world better and convey that experience to people through works of art. Artist chose bright colors and strange lines with different artistic media to represent the search for identity, the experiences of love, mercy, and forgiveness, which are the most important things in her artist's life. She once said, Even though the outside world is so bad that it makes me feel bad. But I choose to create art from a beautiful feeling to comfort people and myself.


  • Kristof Ghekiere is a Belgian male artist who works in Bangkok. He has been fascinated with art since childhood. But the situation in life turned him into another path before returning way back to art again. His artwork is in a calm and minimalist approach. He began his art by noticing and observing the surrounding around him. Then grabbing the impression, either in memory or photograph, bring into the interpretation process between reason and feeling with a system similar to a mind map: image capture - analysis - sensation - subtraction - image capture - analysis – sensation. The artist believes that every image is from memory or photograph. Each has lines, shapes, or planes with profound meaning. Artists seek out that meaning by erasing or eliminating excess or unnecessary objects that blur the essence of that meaning. After all, organizing those out. It reveals the intrinsic of minimalism in his works.


  • Somnuk Huangthanaphan is a Phuket artist who studied art in Bangkok and returned to live and work there. His work captures the stories around him in his daily life. Whether small or big. Tangible like shapes in nature. Or human-made likes objects, architecture, both outside and inside, or abstract such as feelings or thoughts. He changed the narrative through the text into lines, colors, weights, patterns, rhythms, and the synthesis of shapes and spaces in painting. His works show the opposite between abstract painting that presents the plane of lines and geometric shapes in the form of geometric abstract and abstract painting that expresses emotion through the colors and traces of the abstract expressionist brush movement. The artist uses his collection of mixed media acrylic paintings. It is to show respect for the abundance of nature in the land of birth. At the same time, it also reflects rapid urbanization, which is increasingly undermining the biological balance between society and nature in the land of Thailand.


The exhibition

Location Details

Xspace gallery


71/15 Soi Pattanavate 12, Preedeepanomyong 14 Sukhumvit Road 71 Prakanong-Nua, Watthana Bangkok, 10110 Thailand