Womanifesto: Flowing Connections Zipevent

Womanifesto: Flowing Connections

12 Sep - 30 Dec 2023
10:00 - 20:00 (UTC+7)
Bacc - Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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Womanifesto: Flowing Connections



Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, in collaboration with the artist-organisers of Womanifesto, present "Womanifesto: Flowing Connections", an exhibition presenting Womanifesto’s significant projects starting from the very first exhibition in 1997 up to the present. The exhibition features over 30 artists from Asian and other countries, and showcases works exhibited at previous events and works created more recently by some of the artists who have participated in Womanifesto over the years. Additionally, material from Womanifesto Archive, ‘WeMend’ – a workshop space with educational programs, and current and ongoing projects have been gathered making visible Womanifesto’s sustained development as an artist-led initiative since 1997. As one of the first feminist collectives of its kind to have emerged and developed from Southeast Asia, Womanifesto continues to be of historical significance to art in Thailand and internationally.


Starting with presenting group exhibitions in 1997 and 1999, Womanifesto instantly took on a life of its own and transformed into a meeting point based on friendship and hospitality for artists to gather and share. While the original aim was to present exhibitions to strengthen links between and the visibility of women artists, that aim developed to include exploration and valuing of local cultures, including artisanship. Adopting fluidity as a strategy, Womanifesto developed projects to consider and open up diverse ways of doing by not setting final outcomes but supporting for things to evolve organically, with the focus also being on passing on of knowledge down the generations and engaging in critical thinking.


Continuing to set up a point of interaction based on care and conviviality, the exhibition, Womanifesto: Flowing Connections represents the Womanifesto ethos – of setting up a collective space and inviting intergenerational and multi-skilled woman artists to present and interact with the public.


Artists: Arahmaiani (Indonesia), Dounghatai Pongprasit (Thailand), Jarunun Phantachat (Thailand), Jiratti Khuttanam (Thailand), Jittima Pholsawek (Thailand), Kanya Chareonsupakul (Thailand), Karla Sachse (Germany), Lawan Jirasuradej (Thailand), Lena Eriksson (Switzerland), Liliane Zumkemi (Switzerland), Maneerat Tamnarak (Thailand), Monthatip Suksopha (Thailand), Morakot Ketklao (Thailand), Narumol Thammapruksa (Thailand), Nilofar Akmut (Pakistan), Nitaya Ueareeworakul (Thailand), Onanong Glinsiri (Thailand), Pan Parahom (Thailand), Pattree Chimnok (Thailand), Phaptawan Suwannakudt (Thailand), Pinaree Sanpitak (Thailand), Preenun Nana & Pim Sudhikam (Thailand), Rashmimala (India), Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit (Thailand), Surojana Sethabutra (Thailand), Tari Ito (Japan), Uanklom Happyfarm (Thailand), Varsha Nair (India), Virginia Hilyard (Australia), Watcharaporn Srisuk (Thailand), and Yuvana Poonwattanawit (Thailand)

The exhibition and related publication are conceptualized by Womanifesto artists: Nitaya Ueareeworakul, Jamilah Preenun Nana, Phaptawan Suwannakudt and Varsha Nair.



Location Details

Bacc - Bangkok Art and Culture Centre


939 Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan Bangkok, 10330 Thailand