Warehouse of Heart Zipevent

Warehouse of Heart

19 Mar - 21 Apr 2024
10:30 - 19:00 (UTC+7)
TCDC Bangkok

Event Information

Forgotten memories,
Long-lost untold stories,
Wishes of returning
To the deepest corner of the "Warehouse of the Heart"


Warehouse of Heart
Amidst the suppressed emotions, there is a call from the “Warehouse of the Heart”
to be reopened and missing pieces to be retrieved.

The interactive exhibition aims to lead you to understand your own stories, reflecting on your self-worth. Through the simulated experience of a "Warehouse of Heart," symbolizing a safe space, you can pause, detach from the chaotic social environment, and focus more on your feelings.


“Mental health"
is a valuable gift. Through our exhibition, we aim to state a reminder:
When people spend less time with themselves, something important could be forgotten.”


Coach by ChAMP is a club within Chulalongkorn University that is guided by the principle of providing a "safe space" to cultivate an environment of mental health awareness. It brings together students who aspire to create a more amiable community, driven by self-understanding and self-awareness. In a society filled with pressure and chaos, where self-care often takes a backseat, we aim to establish a safe space where individuals can find companionship, empathy, and understanding, and where their voice from the heart can always be heard.


The 'storage room'
is like our heart where we keep stories and memories, both good and bad.
Sometimes, as life moves on, we may forget some cherished memories
or get stuck in something we wish to let go.
This exhibition will lead everyone to explore their own storage room deep inside their hearts, to understand the stories that have shaped us into who we are now.

The exhibition runs from March 19 to April 21, 2024. Registrations are open for participants to choose from 14 sessions per day. To provide the best experience, we suggest you be mindful with yourself, rest your racing thoughts, and begin your journey into the “Warehouse of Heart.” Here, you can explore and understand the stories that have shaped you, embracing your self-worth that has grown over time.

In addition, we also offer art therapy workshops under the theme “4 Dimensions of Life” that will enable you to understand yourself better. “Explore, be aware, understand, and move forward with your own heart” guided by our 4 renowned instructors.

  • Make A Zine : explore of Bang Rak and Talat Noi by connecting you heart with the old town,
    join the journey to discover how the old town shaped us
  • Accordion book workshop : create your book of memories that reflect your uniqueness with Yep Yep Handicraft
  • Release Your Little Angel : learn about our heart’s resource through music and drawing with Soul Sound Music Therapy Studio
  • Transfer Workshop : revisit your memories with the art of image transfer art or reproductive art using photographs


Note : Due to system management, participants must reserve the Exhibition and Workshop independently. and the possibility of time connects, as well as to give participants a full experience As a result, the team requests that guests cooperate by making reservations at different times.

Our exhibition is sponsored by
Koncept PLAY, ZipEvent, CP,  Papaya Studio and Haus 64 


Restriction & Event Admission Policy

The exhibition contains activities that allow participants to reflects themselves. There may be sensitive issues that affect emotions and mental state of the participants.

Interactive Exhibition Policy

  • Participants are urged to carefully read and adhere to the provided instructions in each exhibition room to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Exhibits and installations should be handled with care and respect to prevent any damage or disruption to the exhibition.
  • Participants are accountable for any damage caused by their actions and may be subject to fees for repair or replacement, emphasizing the importance of responsible interaction with the exhibits.
  • Any observed damage or issues with exhibits should be promptly reported to exhibition staff to facilitate timely resolution.
  • Adults must accompany children at all times, ensuring they follow the rules and behave appropriately within the exhibition space.
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Location Details

TCDC Bangkok


The Grand Postal Building 1160 Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak Bangkok, 10500 Thailand


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