What comes to mind when you see the word ‘ Virtual ‘ ?

Virtual Event 2022 – new solution for event organizer

Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, we believe that many people have become more familiar with the terms ‘virtual’ more than ever. We recognized that many businesses involved virtual element in their marketing strategy. Plenty of activities are now transformed into a form of virtual so that people can still attend and engage with the business.

Many of the websites would represent the word ‘Virtual’ in relation to technology of virtual reality or VR. Try imagine big glasses with headset and controller, a set of accessories that we can put on to experience a simulated version of our real world. But you know what? Virtualization can be applied in variety of activities including activity in front of the computer screen.

Virtual Exhibition
Virtual Event 2022

3 reasons why event planner should go for Virtual Event

1. Attract more audience

Virtual event comes with elements that can attract visitor’s attention. With cool design and interactive feature, visitor can gain new experience from these elements. However, the most important part is the content of the event itself. If your event contains relevant and interesting information, it will definitely also attract more audiences.

For instance, you can transform your art gallery into some kind of virtual exhibition by showing visitors with artwork and detail of the artists. Another example could be a virtual exhibition of an education fair, where universities and schools can present what they want to offer for the students through virtual exhibition.

2. Interact with visitors online

The heart of hosting an event is interaction and engagement. When everything is conducted online, every person from around the world can have access to your event. Virtual exhibition can be used to highlight the products and services of the business. You can add actions for visitors to make their ways from booth to booth by just a few clicks or you can create a chat section if visitors want to ask some further questions.

Virtual Event 2022

3. Easily collect and analyze data

Data and insight are essential for organizers that want to improve performance in the next event. Data for virtual event can be collected and stored easier than the actual event in real life. Organizer can pretty much track data and information from any actions that visitors do. For example, how much time visitors spend on each page or how many visitors attend the virtual event.

These are 3 characteristics of hosting virtual exhibitions. It can attract more audience in a global scale, interact with visitors through online feature and also collect and analyze data to understand insights of your exhibition. It’s time to keep up with technology. Start your own Virtual Event 2022 now.

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