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If you want to upgrade your event into the next level by going for streaming through variety of social media platforms, you can take a second to look at our service. Zipevent has equipment and staff that will provide you the best service and solution.

Today we will show you some of our previous works of Live-Streaming Service. Let’s check them out!


Live Streaming service

Projection Mapping Competition event was held during the Covid-19 situation, therefore the host wanted to reach to the audience online by letting them watch the competition in real-time. This event was streamed via Facebook and Zipevent’s platform ( We have our technical staff that will take care of the process from beginning to the end of the event. So you don’t have to worry about managing process.

Next is MILD Living Room “Made To Order”

Mini concert / Fan meeting event with celebrities and singers.

This kind of event is perfect to go on livestream. Fans and audiences can watch the singers perform online. We also have special features that you can add into your event. For example, Live Q&A : audiences can type their questions or messages for the singers and wait for then to reply. Or Live Polling feature, a feature that audiences can vote and engage with specific question or activity. Of course, all of this is happening real-time.

Live Streaming service

You can also add a livestream section in your online/virtual event too. This will make your online event become even more interesting.

Live Streaming service

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