Virtual Event ideas for 2021/2022

Many of the activities nowadays have moved to online platform such as meeting, teaching and playing games. Technology has helped us a lot in terms of tools and mechanics. Therefore, it’s time for event industry to try and move into online platform as well!

Main reasons why you should host virtual event are that 1) you can reach more group of audiences from anywhere around the world 2) you can apply cool and interesting features for attendees to interact with 3) if you plan your event carefully, you can save huge budget by hosting event online!

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This is something that all event planners should consider when planning event nowadays. So, we have some ideas and examples for anyone who wants to start hosting online event. Let’s check them out together.

New Product Launch

If you want to launch new service or product, it’s a perfect time right now! Giving Apple as a case study. They usually host an online event to introduce their new features and products. By doing this, you can create #hashtag in order to spread out the news and inform people to know about your event. It’s really convenient and interesting idea.

Business Market / Expo

Another type of event that is very popular to host is a business event. For example, you can host an expo where businesses and companies attend to do some business partnership or exchange useful information. Feature like ‘Business Matching’ can work really well with this kind of event. See more about Business Matching here :

virtual event ideas

Fair/ Expo/ Exhibition

Virtual Event is a perfect match for event such as fair, expo or exhibition. You can design your exhibition in many ways. Divided into zones and sections for people to walkthrough. This is an example of WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition – an event about architectural material and designs. This kind of event will give a whole new experience to the visitors.

Classes and Workshops

If you’re thinking about online classes in the university or school where they are tons of students versus one teacher appear in boxes on the screen, well… that wasn’t an online class we are talking about.

It can be any topic of teaching from art to exercise. For example, you can host an online class of yoga or dance exercise, arrange them into specific date and time for attendees to book and that’s it! Your attendees can access your event and do some exercise at their house. Easy-Peasy!

virtual event ideas

Concert / Festival

Last but not least! Concert or Live-music are also good ideas for event online. Artists and singers can perform in a studio and broadcast live through online platform. Attendees can book a ticket to watch them perform. Moreover, there are some cool features that you can apply to let attendees interact more with the artists.

virtual event ideas

And these are some examples of virtual event ideas that we bring them to you. In fact, any types of event can transformed into virtual version. Keep in mind that many people nowadays like stuff that is convenient. Therefore, it is a great time to please your attendees by step up your game and enter online world.

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