Virtual Event Platform – a space that event organizer should take in cosideration

virtual event platform

What is virtual event ?

When face to face communication is limited, conducting an online space where people are still able to interact and experience events is a must-have solution for event industry. We can design and develop virtual events to make attendees feel that they are actually in that place while they’re just actually sitting in their living room. 

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“Virtual Event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location.”

This will definitely answer and please people’s behaviors and lifestyle nowadays. Within just a few clicks on the computer, your attendees can enter and experience everything you create in the virtual event. 

Type of events that are perfectly matched with virtual event

In fact, any type of events can transform into virtualization depending on how you design them. Here are some example of events that we think they have potential for virtual event platform.

– Career/Job matching
– Expo/Trade show
– Any kinds of event that create experience for attendees 

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Create new experience

You can create new and exciting experiences for attendees when they attend your virtual event with special features. For example, Live chatVideo streaming or even Avatar graphics can make your virtual event becomes more real. On top of that, features like Q&ALive polling and questionnaire can also create more engagement between organizers and attendees. We guarantee that if you add these elements to your event, it will definitely receive positive feedbacks.

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