Today we have some tips for all event planner to check them out when it comes to an event planning (especially for Virtual or Online event). Nowadays, many of event organizers started to pay attention to these type of events more than ever. People’s behaviors are changing from time to time. In 2021-2022, technology takes part in people’s lives pretty much in every aspect. Therefore, it’s important for every business to pay attention to this topic.

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Just follow these 4 checklists and you will be fine!

event planning


Before starting anything, you need to identify your event’s objective first. For example, what about it? Who are the main target audiences? These questions are very essential. If you clearly know your goal, anything else will follow easily.

  • Expo
  • Seminar
  • Showcase
  • Festival

Scale and Type

How many visitors do you expect to attend? Is it a public or private event? If it’s a private event, you can create specific access code for attendee to fill before he or she enter the event. This will give some senses of exclusiveness and security for the attendees.


After that you should look into all the activities that you want to put into your virtual event. This includes section and zone of the event. Do you have a Live-Talk session, Q&A session, Lucky draw session for attendees to play? Of course all of this can be put into virtual event.

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Last but not least, the platform! Actually this one is very important for online and virtual event. After you have all the information and details to host the event, now you need to find the right platform to make it happen.

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event planning

So this is 4 checklists for virtual event planning we want to share with you! Remember to keep in mind that platform is very important. It’s the impression that attendees will receive.

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