Let’s talk more about Virtual Event Design. How to capture visitor’s attention?

Hello all event organizer ! This article will focus on the topic of design and appearance. From the previous articles, we’ve talked about what is virtual event? what are some interesting features, etc. Today let’s look into the visualization part. Now, if you have already created and planned out your event, the next step is to make it look more attractive and interesting.

Do you know that you can create an outstanding and impressive artwork for your event ? By using nice color, clear font and more. Imagine seeing your main hall looks nice on the screen, that will definitely make your visitors like what they see and want to explore more into your virtual event.

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virtual event design

Talking about features and elements that can make your main hall stands out, there are multiple options for you to decide.

Welcoming banner

The welcoming banner is the first impression that you can make for the audiences. You can design your banner and place it at the main hall of your virtual event. The details on the banner can include the name of the event and short greeting sentences so that you can make your audiences feel that they are very welcome to enter the section.

Background Music

You can also add background music in the main hall as well. The music can present good vibe for the audiences. While scrolling through the sections, the audiences can enjoy your background music at the same time. This can make your virtual hall become more interesting than ever.

Overall design

The overall design of the main hall is very important. It’s the first thing your audience will notice. If you design and create your main hall to be realistic like the actual place, it will definitely receive positive feedback from audiences.

Chat box

You can also add chat box to your virtual event hall as well. This will give the opportunity for audiences to chat and ask questions with the host. So if there’s are any problem, they can contact your staff immediately.

So these are some tips for Virtual Event design that you can apply with our service. If you are interested in hosting a virtual event, you can contact our team via E-mail: sales@zipeventapp.com

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