“I have tons of live content to show in my online event but why the engagement still low?” This question comes at the top of the lists for many event organizers. Well, sometimes live content is not enough. Online event can gain more attention not just doing live streaming but it can also add some other elements to make it more interesting as well. We called this ‘Experience Marketing’.

The difference between offline and online

Offline event: You need locations, venues and staffs to host an event.

Online event: No matter where you are, you can host an event with the help from the digital features.

It’s actually pretty convenient for your attendees to access your event from anywhere in the world with the help of internet.

online event

However, both type of events need to create interaction and experience for attendees in order to make an event become more interesting.

What comes into your mind when you see the word ‘Experience’?

You can create a memorable and outstanding experience for attendees in your event to make them enjoy what they experience.

Here are some outstanding features that you can add into your online version of event

Beside having live content in your online event, you can add more features to make your event become more interesting.

Here are some features that you should take in consideration.

  • Live polling : let your attendees vote for specific topics or questions
  • Q&A : attendees can ask question during an event real time
  • Lucky Draw : tools that
online event

All of this can be done online, attendees can interact and engage with the activities through their computer and mobile phone. If you have these kind of features added into your event, we guarantee that your event will set a high standard and quality.

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