Let’s host an online event ! The situation of Covid-19 definitely couldn’t stop event industry peeps to do their job! There is always an alternative solution to keep on running the business. A distinctive and easy way to do is to move the event online. Today we will give 5 reasons why online event can help your business survive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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5 reasons why online event can help your business

1. Accessible from anywhere

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When everything is online, it’s pretty much possible for anyone to access your event. You can reach wider target audiences to come and visit your online event. They can just access your event at home or cafe or even in a car! The more easy for them to access your event, the more visitors you will gain.

2. Control budget

Event budget is the number one priority for event planners. For offline events, you have to consider the cost for venue rental, hospitality, equipment or staffs which sometimes your budget can be overloaded. Online and virtual event can cut those elements out. The only cost you need to worry is the budget for online systems.

3. Easy to set-up (Scale)

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For online event or virtual event, you can design and create event in anyway you like. You don’t have to worry about the space whether it’s too big or small. In an online or virtual event, you can map out 10 or more sections if you prefer! A huge main hall, 5 live stages, 50 exhibitions and also information center, they can all fit into one virtual event.

4. Access to options for influencers and speakers

Imagine if your event has famous speakers and guests that can attract wider range of visitors! When hosting an offline event, it might not be easy to schedule a time slot with famous guests such as influencers or artists. But when the event is transformed to online, all the influencers don’t need to show up at the real location, therefore there’s a high possibility for them to be your event guests.

5. Eco-friendly

Online event or virtual event is one of the most sustainable ways you can host an event nowadays. Even you’ve already used reusable and recycle stuffs in your offline events but this is way beyond that. Hosting an online event will prevent the issue of all the food wasted or trash per day. Therefore, if you want to support sustainable and eco-friendly issue, this will be a perfect solution.

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