In today’s world, people’s behaviors are consistently changing due to technology advancements. It’s important for event organizers to keep on adjusting the business to match customer’s needs. This is where an online event jumps in. Online event can be a great option for organizers when everything is transformed into digital elements.

This blog will help you get started on launching your first online event and reach the global audience!

One of many benefits of hosting an event online is that you can reach out to wider range of audiences. Imagine having attendees from around the world, you can expand your audience’s data and also gain more awareness. Moreover, you can save a huge amount of budget!

Products and services for online event

Zipevent’s products and services can fit your event from small to large scale. If your event is a private business meeting, yes we can do that. Or if it’s a big international conference, of course we can also do that as well!

The benefits of hosting an online event varies in different aspects. You can adjust and design how the event will look like when it appears on the screen or you can add interactive systems to engage with the attendees. The most important part is that online event gives better audience data and insights.

No experience in hosting an event? Don’t worry! Our team will help you plan the process from the beginning. Starting from pre-event, in-event and post-event.

So, what can we do to help you accomplish your goal? Here are some example features.

Zipevent’s features

Live streaming – streaming your event in multiple social media platforms
Access code – Auto-generated unique passcode for participants joining the event
Interactive feature – engaging your visitors with Q&A, polling, questionnaire etc.
Registration/ Ticketing system – collecting visitors data
Real time report – reporting live statistics and feedbacks

Online event can include variety of features such as live-streaming, virtual conference and interactive functions.

Production team

We also have production team if you want to do a live session and broadcast in your online event. These are tools that we offered.

  • High definition camera
  • Streaming tools
  • Technical staffs
  • Internet/ wifi
  • Camera man

Types of online event

  • Workshop/ classes/ course
    All the lessons can be done on a digital platform to provide knowledge through video, text, image and infographic. Attendees can also ask question and interact with the moderators via audio or chat.
  • Seminar/ conference
    Hosting a conference online can help you spread out the business into a larger scale. You can also add special features like Q&A, polling and questionnaire to interact with your audiences.
  • Concert/ festival
    Give your visitors a whole new experience with live streaming content. Even large-scale concerts can have an online component. Fans from around the globe can experience your event while staying home.

These are just some examples of online events. You can explore more about types and examples here :

Keep in mind that consumer’s behaviors are always changing. It’s important to keep on updating trends and what’s going on in the world. Let’s started by create an amazing experience with online event together!




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