Do you want to host a virtual event but are not confident that your event would be engaging? Virtual event makes it a lot easier for you to create a new experience for your attendees. When everything can be done online, you can customize elements and details to make your event successful and interesting. One feature that could enhance the overall experience is an online business matching (will be discussed later in this blog). Moreover, virtual event can save a huge amount of budget. You don’t have to spend money on expensive venue and location!

Virtual event can include all the sections and content just like an actual event does. Try to imagine a scene where you attend a seminar or an expo that involves some kind of discussion or conversation between you and other businesses. You can just stop by the booth and do it right away, right? And for the online event, trust us, the process is not that hard or complicated either.

For the virtual event, we also have a feature called ‘business matching system‘, a system that can help you gain more business opportunities. Also, attendees can find new networks and connections from utilizing this system in your event as well.

Online business matching?

Our customizable matching system can connect attendees and exhibitors that have a common business interest. A business owner can find the right guy for new product ideas or buyers can also find the right service for their businesses. And yes! all of this can be done online.

If you have this matching section in your event, it will definitely enhance the opportunity for people to attend your virtual event.

Zipevent can customize the business matching system for you. Here is an example of how it functions.

You can conduct lists of companies and exhibitors in your event to let attendees select date and time to request the meeting.

Exhibitors can choose to accept or decline the request. If exhibitors choose to accept the request, the details about the meeting will appear on the attendee’s schedule page. Attendees can click ‘Go to Meeting’ to start the conversation and discussion.

business matching

Why you should have business matching in your virtual event ?

  • All the meetings/schedules will be more organize and accurate
  • Keep it social-distancing during the Covid-19 situation
  • Attendees can go see all the business lists by scrolling through their computers
This system is suitable for:

Career fairs, technology meetups, trade exhibition or any kinds of events that involve connection and networking. You can design and customize your business matching to fit your event types.

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